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No damn resolutions

The end of our Gregorian charted year always brings about promises of reform for the following twelve months. Unfortunately most of the promises we make to ourselves ring hollow after a short period of time. We tell ourselves lies, possibly … Continue reading

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A Christmas list (my style)

Dear Santa: Please provide the following items. When a particular item is not available, I will take a rain check or possible substitution. Feel free to contact me for details.    Peace on Earth. I realize this is a big … Continue reading

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Cruising the mall

I went to the mall yesterday. I know, I know, an aspiring minimalist should avoid these temptations and reject consumerism and it’s grand cathedrals. But I actually needed a new pair of jeans, and the best price on 501’s is … Continue reading

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Harness your Lust

Lets talk about lust. Before anyone gets all in a dither thinking we are going to jump on the “sex sells” bandwagon, or is afraid of a lengthy hellfire and brimstone sermon, let me define that four-letter word for you. … Continue reading

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Bad news

Let me make this straight forward … I don’t like the news media. The days of ethical, impartial reporting of news and events is long over. There was a day in the not-so-distant past that a news anchor (Walter Cronkite) … Continue reading

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Today was a good day as days go. Nice weather, good friends, fun activities. But it also had a significant moment for me and my journey toward simplicity. Not huge, just significant.   I live in a slightly higher than … Continue reading

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