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Another Victim

Today’s victim of my minimalist throwout, donation drive, and recycling binge was an old nemesis: plastic food containers and cups. It took me a while to corral the critters, but when I did I managed to find several lids without containers, … Continue reading

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I try not to listen to celebrities. They are not experts or Nobel Prize winners or rocket scientists or brain surgeons. They rarely save lives or teach our children anything of moral value. Most politicians are celebrities, and some celebrities … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence? Really?

Webster’s defines Planned Obsolescence as “a method of stimulating consumer demand by designing products that wear out or become outmoded after limited use.”  There was a time in the not-so-distant past that companies that manufactured something that was durable, functioned … Continue reading

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You are not good enough

I know I haven’t met you in person, but I would like to share some personal observations. I think that you: Are not cool enough Are not manly enough Are not feminine enough Need to use a better deodorant Don’t … Continue reading

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Fear and Navigation

I’ve been reading a lot of Julien Smith Lately, and as such I am learning to come to grips with my fear. I didn’t feel like I feared much. I’ve traveled to out of the way places, ridden motorcycles at … Continue reading

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Goodbye, my not-so-old friend.

I stopped by and said hello to an old friend yesterday.  Well, not really a friend so much as an acquaintance that serves me well.  I visited my storage. I know, minimalists are not supposed to have storage. But I … Continue reading

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