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On Predators and Prey

Today I happened to get caught in a room where there was a television on. It was a midday cable show punctuated by very annoying commercials that were long, loud, and abrasive. These commercials managed to tell me just exactly … Continue reading

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In case you hadn’t noticed, society has been changing. Most folks my age are starting to get stuck in that “good old days” mentality. They start to think that things were better back when, well … things were just better. … Continue reading

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“How are you?”  “How are you doing?” We are asked these questions all the time, so much so that we don’t actually stop and think about the answer. “I’m okay.” When you were a young boy or girl, did you … Continue reading

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Playing around

Today we cure all your woes. I am here to tell you the single most important thing you will ever read, at least today.  Of all the blogs or articles you soak up, let this one sink the deepest. Take … Continue reading

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I’m such a tool

I have always been a tinkerer. I used to disassemble my alarm clock to see what made it tick (sorry, had to be said). The sight of springs and dials and screws scattered about my floor was sheer delight for … Continue reading

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